Dedicated to a new future

Built on the pillars of ethics and aesthetics, the brand wishes to push the limits of what is possible and create an expression of beauty through experimentation and future-friendly designs.

Friendly. Honest. Future-First.

Created by Loreto Binvignat, Anima has evolved through the years to reflect her most inner desire to be creative while learning all she can along the way. Through this brand, Loreto asks herself “How can I contribute?”

With an eye on the future of our planet, Anima’s designs experiment with new ways of applying color. This has led Loreto to take a deep dive into color innovation and for some time now she has been researching and applying bacteria dyes to some of her most special garments.

Working with raw and organic materials and co-creating with ethnic communities. Anima invites us to believe and share a new and improved awareness of our impact in the world through design.


Stuff We’re
Proud Of

Thanks to Re-FREAM, Loreto has teamed up with Aitex, technicians and scientists to find new ways to dye textiles without sacrificing our love for the environment. With this funding given by the European Commision under Horizon2020 grants, Loreto has been able to continue her research into bacteria dyes.  

She has been awarded with Worth Partnership Project alongside the Vienna Textile Lab. With this award they developed a capsule collection solely dyed with bacteria. 

Anima has worked with ethnic communities that have shared their work and wisdom to make this brand what it is today. Our garments are made exclusively with locally bought, organic, 100% natural, recycled, or deadstock textiles. The production is carried out on an equitable basis, supporting local communities, and ensuring profits are shared fairly. 


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