I’m Lolo, founder of anima. Originally from La Serena, Chile, I am currently based between Berlin and Hanoi. For the last 10 years I have been developing my practice as a creator of sustainable, ethical fashion. 


Early in my career, I started to ask questions about the social and ecological impact of the materials I used. My goal was always to develop a 100% ethical, slow fashion brand. But behind many of the fabrics we wear today are processes that damage the environment and exploit the people who produce them.


This realization led me to carry out a deep dive into ethical and sustainable solutions. As part of this, I moved to Vietnam in order to be able to collaborate with local artisans. anima. was born out of this experience.


anima. uses only locally bought, organic, 100% natural, recycled or deadstock textiles. I work exclusively with local producers on an equitative basis, ensuring profits are shared fairly and supporting local communities.


anima. clothes are made in a small workshop in Hanoi, run by a woman named Tuyet on the first and second floor of her mother’s house. She employs a team of around fifteen people, most of whom are women. I also work with my friend Lan, an expert in the traditional indigo dyeing technique of the Hmong ethnic community.


Through these and other partnerships, anima. produces high-quality, ethical, sustainable fashion and bring it to a global audience. I believe that fashion can be a positive force at every stage in the production process, as much for the people who make it as for the people who wear it.    


We hope you enjoy wearing our clothes as much as we enjoyed making them <3


Say hi! : hola@animabyloreto.com